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New Valve Stops Running Toilets for Sure
17th February, 2007

A new valve stops running toilets immediately. The valve measures the exact amount of water needed after each flush. Once the tank is full the valve shuts off any additional water. A leak is quickly detected and stopped, says Robert Easter founder and CEO H20Guard.

Slow leaks often go unnoticed costing hundreds of dollars in water bills. Catastrophic breaks in the toilet tank cause thousands of dollars in flood damage each year. The Guard (R) puts an end to water waste and damage. It flags a problem with the toilet the first time a leak occurs. ($34.95) available

"Leaky toilets deplete our water resources, put strains on water treatment plants and boost our need for electricity to pump extra water. Leaks are costing consumers big money," says Easter.

The Guard's Fill-O-Meter(TM) is patented and carries the Universal Plumbing Code (UPC) certification. The valve conserves water by using an exact pre-determined amount of water. Outdated valves measure the level of water in the tank and will keep pumping anytime the level drops.

"The Fill-O-Meter valve is the most innovative plumbing product I've seen in 30 years. It's the technology of the future, that's available now, that will positively impact our country's resources," says John Gasparini Jr., VP Sales and Marketing for Mark's Plumbing Parts, a national Firm, based in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) studies indicate toilets are responsible for 26.8% of all water used in the home.

"What's more alarming is a recent study by the New York City Conservation Department of Environmental Protection pointed out the toilet is responsible for over 80% of indoor leaks," says Easter.

"A silent leaky toilet can waste up to 5,400 gallons per year. If a flapper in the tank gets hung up the water loss jumps to 73,000 gallons. A majority of household are not even aware of leaks and it is costing them big money every year. Most leaks come from a flapper failure," says Easter.

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