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Ask Filter Man Forum
18th May, 2005

Do you have a question about industrial filtration? Ask the experts! The new Ask Filter Man forum is an online industrial filtration community that will answer your questions about filtration at no cost or obligation to you.

(PRWEB) May 19, 2005 -- The new Ask Filter Man forum is a community that provides industrial filtration answers within a 24-hour time period, and it is completely free.

Selecting the Right Filter for Your Process:
Factors to Consider

When selecting a filter for a particular application, the following criteria should be considered:
• How large is the process volume? What is the flow rate?
• Is it continuous or batch process?
• What are the material characteristics of the solids being removed? How large are the particles? Is the material hazardous? Can the material being removed be recycled back into the process?
• What are the waste disposal costs? How often do bags or cartridges need to be replaced? Can the waste volume be reduced or eliminated by switching to a different filtration method?
• What are the labor and downtime costs for filter or cartridge replacement? Can downtime be replaced or eliminated by switching to a different filtration method?

Here is your chance to tap in to a forum of RPA filtration specialist that have decades of experience. They understand the impact your filtration system can have on your process, and would like to help guide you in the selection of the right system for your application and process requirements.

Here is a sample of a few questions:
1. We have Sweet Gas Pipeline that contain a noticeable amount of black powder (Iron Oxides and Iron Sulfides) what will be the best filtration system for it Please note that the line size is 56" dia.

2. I have an aqueous and a solvent based systems with 5-150 micron pigment particles. What filtration system do you recommend for a batch(2000 gal)or 33 gal/min continuous operation.

3. I am looking for an alternative to our current method of filtration. We are filtering high viscosity materials (50,000 cps) at 15 microns. We are using wire mesh cloth and our of our major problems is blinding of the mesh. Our runs are short (less that 100 gallons), so I am looking for small units with minimal dead volume.

RPA Process Technologies owns four brands that have been in the filtration business for over one-hundred years. They are Ronningen-Petter, Filtres Philippe, Filtres Vernay, and Malaxeurs Guittard.

Here is your chance to let them share their knowledge gained by experience with you!

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