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Exports for the Chinese Mechanical Door Locks Industry Increase by 36% Reaching US$713 Million
10th March, 2006

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the Global Sources report: China Sourcing Report: Mechanical Door Locks to their offering.
This Reports Provides:

Detailed profiles of 14 major mechanical door lock makers, focusing on manufacturing capabilities, product offerings and future plans. Based on factory tours and interviews with senior managers, this information is not available anywhere else

Profiles of an additional 56 suppliers with key information such as production capacities, numbers of assembly lines, types of machinery, overseas markets and more

A Product Gallery featuring 97 best-selling mechanical door locks with detailed product descriptions and color pictures

The results of our supplier survey, forecasting price, product and production trends, and major challenges faced by suppliers in the next 12 months

This report covers: bored locks, mortise locks, rim locks and sliding locks

Benefits of This Report:

Pinpoint the differences in quality and features between low-end, midrange and high-end mechanical door locks made in China
Improve your competitive edge by learning in advance the R&D initiatives under way to enhance door lock security and performance
Learn the key QC factors and testing processes that major producers rely on
Benefit from quick-to-use summary listings covering all featured suppliers, with easily comparable statistics, as well as verified contact details
Topics Covered






China produces an overwhelming 2 billion mechanical door locks annually, more than half of which are shipped overseas. The country exported close to US$713 million worth of mechanical door locks in the 11 months to November 2004, which is 36 percent higher than shipments in the same time frame in 2003.

Exports are largely OEM-driven, with business from industry giants such as Hampton Products Intl Corp. (United States), Viro (Italy), Innohaus (Southeast Asia) and Union (United Kingdom), accounting for as much as 80 percent of total outbound shipments. This situation is not about to change in the next five years as makers are benefiting largely from OEM partnerships, gaining the much needed technological advancements that will allow them to automate production processes in the future.

The following are some of the key trends we see in Chinas mechanical door locks export industry:

- Prices will stabilize in the next 12 months and will remain at 2004 levels as makers find more ways to better manage internal manufacturing systems and raw-material sourcing strategies.

- Double-digit growth in exports will continue throughout 2005 as China suppliers offer a wide array of mechanical door locks covering about 8,000 varieties.

- Mechanical door locks set for release in 2005 will sport improved looks. Streamlined and easy-to-grip levers, knobs and handles will give products a more contemporary feel while new finishings and coatings will further improve products resistance to rust and corrosion.

- Confident that efforts to keep prices at 2004 levels will pay off in the form of more export orders, most suppliers will be increasing capacity by as much as 50 percent in the next 12 months.

Suppliers in China make a broad selection of mechanical door locks. However, four basic types -- bored, mortise, rim and sliding -- are the key export products and are therefore the scope of this report.

Bored locks are the main export item, accounting for more than 40 percent of annual total outbound shipments. Mortise locks are the second-largest export product and the fastest growing in the line. Rim locks are third in terms of exports followed by sliding locks. Only a small amount of the latter is exported, primarily because there is little demand for the product.

The Products & Prices section of this report discusses the main features of each type of lock and highlights the factors that determine if the products are for the low-end, midrange or high-end segments of the market.

The major raw materials and their distinct characteristics are discussed in detail in the Materials & Components section.

Although China-made mechanical door locks come in several types, processes to produce them are basically the same. These processes are described in the Manufacturing section of the report where critical QC aspects are also discussed.

The two provinces in China leading exports of mechanical door locks are Guangdong and Zhejiang. Two cities in these provinces, in particular, stand out. Zhongshan in Guangdong is known for midrange to high-end products and 13 of the suppliers in this report are based in the city.

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