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Card Reading Machine Is The Most Important Part Of An ATM Machine
22nd December, 2014

ATMs read debit and credit cards and dispense money according to card value. Every card has a magnetic chip that contains its code. A card reader in the machine reads the codes and sends the codes to the host server for verification. “Debit and credit cards whose codes are verified by the host server are processed by the machines. ATM card readers can be called brains or soul of the cash machines. If a machine fails to read a card, it would decline the card and there are many reasons for card reading equipment getting failed”, said an ATM spare part supplier. The car reading equipment is spare part and there are many companies that make this part. It isn’t an expensive device but it is the most important device after cassette that keeps cash. The reader decodes the code inscribed on the magnetic chip and in this way makes sure that the user is the genuine card holder.This equipment is available for sale and the buyers have many options. They can explore their options and also compare the options to choose the best. Price shouldn’t be a concern for a buyer as compromising on quality of this part could make the machine vulnerable to fraudsters.“Europay, MasterCard and Visa are the major debit and credit card manufacturers and they have issued guidelines to cash machine owners regarding the use of codes in their cards. It is to prevent fraudsters and these bank card manufacturers are determined to prevent frauds from taking place at the cash machines”, added the supplier.Old machines have more chances of failing to comply with the order as they have old card reading devices. The devices should be changed to new before the machines stop functioning. If you have a cash machine and it has an old card reading device then you should change the device with a new piece. “Come to our website and explore your options. See the ATM card readers available for sale and compare your options. Choose the best options and equip your machine with a latest card reading device that can decode the codes inscribed on magnetic chips of debit and credit cards”, the supplier maintained. If you want to keep your cash machine functioning then you need to keep it maintained. See its card reading equipment and make sure that it is able to decode the codes of bank cards.

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