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Advantages of Commercial Air Compressors: Why Buy A Commercial Air Compressor?
3rd December, 2014

Commercial air compressors are commonly referred to as air tools because they use compressed air similar to reversible drills, nailers, wrenches and sanders. People significantly decrease the time spent on jobs. In addition, Industrial Air Compressors give the user more power than what they receive with traditional electric tools. These tools operate at higher torque and greater RPMs. Also, they give more horsepower and will run longer and harder. What is Needed for an Industrial Air Compressor First look at the output needed to operate the tools in your shop. The main factors to consider include: cubic feet per minute(CFM)and pounds per square inch (PSI). Most air compressors power equipment with an average CFM. Most manufacturers designed average CFM for 24 percent use, so when the tool gets ongoing use, take the value provided and multiply it by four to get the actual rating. In addition, people need to consider how their units will operate. That is, do they require fuel or electric? Compressor units include single-stage and multi-stage units, but multi-stage compressors operate at higher efficiency because they compress air at a higher pressure. With industrial application, you want multi-stage air compressors. Other Compressor Options You can choose from multiple compressors including: large screw compressors, Piston compressors, diesel powered compressed, portable. Before buying a compressor, you must know if the compressor will drive the air tool for your project. A small nail gun operates at 2 to 5 CFM and 70 to 90 PSI, which less demanding. However, some shears and sanders require 10 or greater CFM and 100 to 120 PSI. When looking for a commercial air compressor, search for the classification industrial grade. These compressors often come jam-packed with features to take on the high-demand jobs. ASME certified air tanks have up to 120 gallons with greater HP, faster recovery time and greater CFM air volume. Two-stage vs. Single-stage Air Compressors Multi-stage units compress air at higher pressures than single-stage compressors. This allows future use and generates less heat to extend the lifespan of the air compressor. Two-stage compressors are commonly used in the automotive, industrial and commercial industries because of their reliable application. What are Features to Consider? Belt-driven air compressors have an extended lifetime because there is less vibration and heat transfer. Low-oil shutdown avoids costly repairs due to low oil; however, an oil-free air compressor will give you an almost maintenance-free unit. V-design cylinders are another feature to look for in your air compressor because they run cooler. Heat is the air compressor's worst enemy. Always know the required voltage and phase of your compressor because you can end up with a higher energy bill with some air compressors. If you are looking for Industrial Air Compressors or Commercial Air Compressors Maintenance, then you need look no further.

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