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Energy-saving technological transformation of coal grinding machine with remarkable results
28th March, 2014

28th March, 2014 07:02
1.Introduction Pulverized coal injection technology engineering company is a Shanghai owned by Chang Lei, specializing in blast furnace (PCI) engineering design, project contracting and manufacturing equipment of the professional engineering company. The company has strong technical strength, but also the production of manufacturing in the coal injection system of all non-standard equipment and automation control system. The company has the famous iron blast furnace expert,coal grinding pulverizers[/url] also equipped with a high quality, professional and strong, young design team. Has made a number of patents in the field of blast furnace coal injection, and in the GB16543-2008 "blowing explosion-proof safety of bituminous coal injection in blast furnace for making". In 2001 the company gained the German CLAUDIUS PETERS (CP) EM type coal mill production license, in cooperation with the CP company production of type EM has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low air leakage rate, maintenance free, long service life of the mill. Germany CP company is an international is engaged in the design, construction engineering and enjoy the pulverized coal injection technology engineering company reputation. CP and MTP, is a combination of two kinds of culture and technology, makes the MTP become the supplier Chinese blast furnace pulverized coal industry leading technology. Compared with the other similar systems, MTP has the highest efficiency milling dusting system, can be in the low investment, low maintenance, low running cost of the highest quality. Provide the whole process of technical support debugging and running MTP on pulverized coal injection system, for the customer to escort. 2.blast furnace coal injection advantage Furnace high is a new technology of modern ironmaking process, which is conducive to saving coke and increasing output, but also conducive to the improvement of blast furnace smelting process and promote the smooth operation of BF, the obvious economic benefits and social benefits. The benefits of pulverized coal injection Instead of coke carbon in the heat; Enrichment furnace reductive gas, the indirect reduction; Due to the "cold" along the radius direction of the hearth temperature distribution, provided the conditions for acceptance of wind temperature of blast furnace; Stable operation, uniform temperature in the hearth, the pig iron quality. 3.advanced technology The medium speed coal mill short flow milling process. The process is currently the mainstream design process, has been widely used in the field of pulverized coal injection into blast furnace. Short flow milling system desiccant composition is different, which can be divided into the open loop and closed loop self circulating flue gas of coal pulverizing system of coal pulverizing system. Inert desiccant open as pulverized bituminous coal utilization of waste gas hot blast stove ring flue gas of coal pulverizing system, at the same time using remaining heat for drying raw coal. This system can not only save energy, but also protect the safety of coal pulverizing system.

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