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AFC Tanks: A Trusted Company in the Steel Tank Manufacturing Industry
13th September, 2013

Fluid and liquid storage is a necessary and critical function in some industries. This may include the containment of waste water or other liquid that may be deemed unsanitary or even hazardous. Companies need to take extraordinary precaution to ensure that the contents inside the tanks are secured. Any leakage can cause serious safety concerns and present an environmental liability. This is why most companies only trust Steel Tank Manufacturers like AFC Tanks, which has a long running reputation of producing fluid containment tanks and walkways for industrial tanks. AFC tanks is among the top frac tank manufacturers. A frac tank is a large stationary drum used for holding liquids; they are frequently used in industries, such as oil fields, mining sites, construction zones and drilling areas. These tanks may be positioned upright or on their side and come with stairways for workers to reach the top portion of the tank. Stairs for industrial tanks are another thing that AFC Tanks produces and also provides customized steps and railways that can be installed in any tank or bin. AFC Tanks is also among the top skidded tank manufacturers. These tanks are similar in appearance to frac tanks though are usually portable and can be transported via diesel truck. These tanks can be placed in an elevated, fix position using a skid; this provides clearance for maintenance and inspection on the lower portion of the system. For industries looking for shale bin suppliers, AFC Tanks provides new shale bins as well as customized options. These large containers are typically rectangular in shape and come with an exposed top; some also have an opening on one end of the smaller side. These are commonly placed near drilling and excavation sites where they are used for holding debris and waste. AFC Tanks is an industrial tank manufacturer with a long list of well-known clients in the industry sector. These companies need a manufacturer that they can trust because fluid containment systems cannot be anything less than of the most durable quality. Any component, such as the valve, pump or hose, must also be in stellar condition in order to keep everything in working order. Metal corrosion is also another concern that can contaminate the liquid contents inside. This is why AFC Tanks has invested years of research and only employs the top engineers and designers. They take great pride in producing tanks that will not present problems as those described. Whether your industry needs 1000 bbl tanks, frac tanks or skid tanks, it is critical to obtain one that is produced by a manufacturer with the credentials of serving various industries. AFC Tanks also provide customized options to suit various industry needs. While there are various Production Tank Manufacturers around the country, some reputable and some less so, you want to put your trust on a company that has been around and has both the experience and reputation to back up their service. With AFC Tanks, you get quality craftsmanship in a product that must always perform without fail.

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