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Loading Dock Equipment & Lift Tables built for safety By Pentalift
23rd October, 2012

October 24, 2012 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Pentalift can provide you with an excellent range of Loading Dock Equipment and lift tables, suited specifically for businesses, that have safety in mind as well. Lifts by Pentalift have made them the leader in manufacturing of lift table and positioning solutions. They provide high quality lifts, and automatic lives for industrial and warehouse application. With a wide range of different products, they have something for many different types of businesses. Whether you are looking for just a lift, or a lift and tilt feature, Pentalift has the products for you. They are designed with safety in mind, which makes them an excellent choice for those that are looking to increase the manufacturing equipment within their business. Included in their line of products is a self lleveling lift, which is ideal for maximizing the safety and efficiency when lifting heavy objects. It will automatically adjust of the high download, and also place itself in an ergonomically correct position, as weight is added and removed from the device. It has a manually rotating top, allowing you to achieve the perfect position for any of the objects that you are lifting. With safety in mind, the lift is reliable, solid, and excellent for business applications. Pentalift Also provides multiple stage list, which can lift up to 8 feet in some circumstances, and left anywhere from 2500 pounds all the way up to 6000 pounds, depending on the list that you choose. These are for heavy-duty applications, and businesses that are looking to lift very heavy objects. The loading dock equipment provided by Pentalift are another huge draw for manufacturing companies. They are a single source manufacturer of loading dock equipment, and dock levelers. They have a large range of different loading dock products available, all of them crafted with safety in mind. The mechanical dock levelers offered by Pentalift are able to lift up to 50,000 pounds. They offer restraint systems, dock seals and shelters, dock levelers, and additional equipment, making them a one-stop shop for all of your loading dock needs. For products such as loading dock equipment and less, it is important that you are looking for products, that are crafted with safety in mind. Because you will be dealing with such heavy equipment, you want to make sure that your dock listen loading dock equipment are as safe as could possibly be, not only for your own use, but for your employees as well. With the capacity of some loading dock equipment to lift as much is 50,000 pounds, it is important that the equipment is reliable, which is exactly what Pentalift provides. Pentalift has been able to establish themselves as the leaders within the industry, providing high quality equipment at an affordable price. This, combined with the safety standards that they held themselves to, has made Pentalift a go to company for loading dock equipment, dock lifts, lift tables, and parts of services related to these products. Pentalift has the best range of different equipment for loading docks and lifts, currently available for businesses.

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