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All You Gotta Do is Ask
18th March, 2005

A new book on Change Management tells how to release the vast creative intelligence locked within each individual. When workers are simply asked for their ideas and allowed to implement those ideas themselves a dynamic change takes place for both the individual and the organization.

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) March 18, 2005 -- ?All You Gotta Do Is Ask explains how to promote large number of ideas from your employees, something most organizations do very poorly, if at all. The people who manage such organizations are either unaware of the power of employee ideas, or they don?t know how to tap it. This easy-to-read book will show you why it is important to have a good idea system, how to set one up, and what it can do for you, your employees, and your organization. You will become a much more effective manager as a result. Your people will be happier, you (the manager) will be less stressed, and your unit?s performance will rise to levels you could not have come close to in any other way.? ? Alan G. Robinson, professor University of Massachusetts and author of Ideas Are Free.

Over 100 years ago Frederick Taylor and Lillian and Frank Gilbreth developed Scientific Management, the Division of Labor and Process Improvement. Henry Ford used the concepts to build the world?s largest manufacturing company. But, jobs were simple, repetitive and boring. Workers hated it. Ford Motor had a 50% turnover rate until Henry doubled people?s wages. Yes, American industry grew enormously wealthy from this new system. But, manufacturing jobs became ?deadly,? and society suffered from the lack of ?dignified,? work. From highly skilled craftsmen people were now told to ?Leave your brains at home!?

Finally after 100 years it is all changing now! A new level of respect is coming to the workplace as senior managers are beginning to recognize the latent talent locked within their workers.

Toyota, one of the world?s richest manufacturing companies, has two pillars for their success, the pursuit of excellence, through: Lean ? the elimination of all non-value adding wastes and ?Respect for People.? Most American companies today are pursuing Lean or Lean Six Sigma but very few understand the critical other part ? getting people involved at work and empowering them to make their work easier, more interesting and allowing them to build their skills and capabilities through their own creative ideas. ?Without empowering all workers to fully participate in creative problem solving you will never be able to sustain your improvement activities,? says Norman Bodek co-author of this new book. ?How can you attain six sigma or zero defects unless everyone is part of the process??

But something new is happening. ArvinMeritor, an automobile parts supplier, for example, received 21 ideas in writing from the average employee and saved $4,285 per employee. Subaru a year ago received 108 ideas per employee and saved over $5,000 per employee. Imagine how people feel when they are asked to submit and implement their ideas. Imagine how they feel when management not only asks but listens to them. This very simple process is dynamically changing the workplace. Instead of people always waiting to be told what to do, they are now beginning to lead the improvement process.

All You Gotta Do Is Ask will become your personal guide book to implement a very powerful employee involvement process at your company. Read the book and learn the very simple steps to make it happen.

All You Gotta Do Is Ask is written by Chuck Yorke and Norman Bodek. Chuck is an organizational development and performance improvement specialist at Technicolor Corporation. Norman is president of PCS Inc. and the former owner of Productivity, Inc. ? Press, creator of the Shingo Prize for manufacturing excellence and the author of The Idea Generator - Quick and Easy Kaizen and Kaikaku The Power and Magic of Lean.

?A very simple approach and a very powerful message centering on the brainpower each employee can bring to work and how leaders can tap into it.? ? David Veech, Manager, Lean Certification Programs, University of Kentucky

The press can obtain a copy of the book from PCS Press, 360-737-1883, e-mail protected from spam bots. Others can buy the book from

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